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NFL football trivia is probably the most popular sports trivia category in online trivia games. NFL football fans love trivia about their favorite sport and have a special passion for knowing all the trivial details about their teams and about any superbowl ever played.

Many NFL football trivia games focus only on superbowls, but the really good games have many trivia questions about players, teams and any special event worth remembering and reminiscing on.

Like many sports fans, NFL trivia football fans take their trivia seriously, and many fan-atics like to test their knowledge of the game by playing online NFL football trivia games for money. Usually in a setting of a multiplayer online trivia game, football fans can meet and challenge each other to 'put their money on the table' and try their luck playing NFL football trivia games.

There are also regular single-player type trivia quizzes about NFL football, but these have a smaller following and just can't raise a lot of excitement. It's much more fun to play with other people, and when you play NFL football trivia games for money, you have the added thrill and excitement of having your money at stake, and the possibility of winning sizeable money prizes.

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For some NFL football fans trivia games can be a way to make some easy money. If you know your game well, in any case better than the people you are going to play with, you can earn a lot playing online multiplayer trivia games that let you play for money.

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